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Soufflés & Custards.

I’ve always been curious about Soufflés – why they’re so delicate and should be cooked in perfect timing.  When I learned that we’re doing this… I was a bit scared that the outcome won’t be up to par.  Surprisingly though, things went really well!  We got the results we wanted to achieve.  And I now understand why Soufflés require precision and perfect everything!

Souffles&CustardsTOP L-R: Spinach Soufflé; Orange Soufflé; Crème Brûlée     

BOTTOM L-R: Crème Caramel; Apple Soufflé; Gruyere Soufflé

Not to brag or anything, but I’d say all of these were very tasty!  The Spinach Soufflé needed a little more salt.  Other than that – muy delicioso!  Of course the Crème Brûlée gets my highest vote!  Hahaha  Of all the Soufflés we baked, it’s the Orange Soufflé that I liked best.  I will definitely make those again.

I never thought culinary school could be so much fun.  I didn’t experience this in college.  Maybe because the actual cooking is just a secondary priority in the curriculum.  I shouldn’t have waited this long to do this. =)


My team and I in action!  The Três Marias wanted a photo together… but the guys couldn’t resist photo bombing every time!

I ♥ them!  I couldn’t ask for a better group of people to work with.  And I’m stuck with them for the entire school year.  So yey!


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