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December 2019 Bullet Journal Setup

December is my favorite month and since this is my bullet journal comeback, I am going to be extra festive for this month. There's A LOT of things I need to do so starting my journal on this month is a good thing. And it surely helped me prioritize and plan out my days. Anyway,… Continue reading December 2019 Bullet Journal Setup

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Rubber Stamps Collection | Wood Mounted

I have so many collections, I know.  And here's another one. When I was younger, my sister and I would buy customized rubber stamps with our names or "take care" or "friends forever" sort of thing. Anything we could think of really. My Dad also had stamps made for his business use and we'd send… Continue reading Rubber Stamps Collection | Wood Mounted

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Old School 90’s Stationery Collection

For as long as I can remember I really had a HUUGE fascination with paper.  I would hoard used papers from my Dad's office and turn them into scratch papers to use to doodle or for my mom to quiz me on current school lessons.  I was always at a local bookstore looking for notebooks, pens,… Continue reading Old School 90’s Stationery Collection

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Washi Tape Collection – Updated

Hello lovelies! After all my hauls, I now have 2 drawers full of washi tapes! And here's the updated inventory. I also included my swatch book in this video - I needed a bigger notebook to do this because of the insane amount of washi tapes I have now! https://youtu.be/JSiBUmhJVjg I have been collecting washi… Continue reading Washi Tape Collection – Updated

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Stationery Haul – Part 3

Here's the third video regarding my Stationery Haul during the 9.9 Shopee Sale. This is the third package from Mohamm.ph Store.  This video has mostly stickers and chrome clips. Mohamm Store is really a good store. They ship the items fast, complete and secured. If you're in the Philippines, I suggest you buy through Shopee… Continue reading Stationery Haul – Part 3