Random Ramblings

Soufflés & Custards.

I've always been curious about Soufflés - why they're so delicate and should be cooked in perfect timing.  When I learned that we're doing this... I was a bit scared that the outcome won't be up to par.  Surprisingly though, things went really well!  We got the results we wanted to achieve.  And I now understand… Continue reading Soufflés & Custards.

Random Ramblings

Crêpes… and More Crêpes.

3 weeks in and we just started hands-on cooking/baking in class.  The first 2 weeks were just lectures, which created a little foundation for when we start the hands-on practice.We made crêpes - all sorts of it!  I'm not eating any more in the next 6 months!Each group was assigned their own kind of crêpes… Continue reading Crêpes… and More Crêpes.