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Our next lesson was Sausage, Ham and Pastrami Making.

Personally, I enjoy eating ham more than sausages, especially during the Christmas season where the “sweet ham” is abundant. I can eat that 3 times a day! Haha

For this class, we mostly made sausages and used them in different dishes as specified below. One thing’s for sure, it’s not easy making these sausages! The seafood one needed to be stuffed in the casing manually (by hand). But letting the sausages cure for a few days rather than cooking them right away tasted better. What more if they were cured longer.

SausageL-R: Roast Chicken Stuffed with Asturian Sausage; Seafood Sausage; New England Boiled Dinner; Fabada Asturiana; Lentil Soup; Hojaldrados de Chorizo Middle: Asturian Sausage made by Bea


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