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Prawns Thermidor

I cooked this for dinner the other night and Don was so amazed with it.  Something I take pleasure in especially when I hear him say, "Wow!", multiple times! I wouldn't say I'm the greatest chef ever. I don't have that much industry experience per se, but I like to experiment, try to re-create and… Continue reading Prawns Thermidor

Random Ramblings

Prepara Trio Tri-Blade Peeler.

I saw this kitchen gadget at Gourdo's earlier. And i just had to have this! My friend, who I work with, bought a mandolin which we use to slice or julienne fruits and vegetables with. If you've seen or used a mandolin, you'd know your fingers are doomed! Both my friend and I have been… Continue reading Prepara Trio Tri-Blade Peeler.