Davao: Life is Here – Day 2.

After a somewhat okay sleep from the night before, we’re all ready for another day of adventure and fun!

We didn’t have any concrete itinerary for the day. Whatever goes is our motto! Haha

We left the hotel at about 10:00 am and headed straight to the Shrine of the Holy Infant Jesus of Prague.

I am not Catholic nor am I the most religious person out there, but I found myself praying, sending a thanksgiving message and making a wish! Ü I even lighted prayer candles.


Next, we went to the Holy Spirit Adoration Convent.  More commonly known as the Pink Sisters Convent because the nuns wear pink habits.

My friend even joked, “Lalagpas na tayo sa langit!” for visiting two churches in one day!  Well, there’s a lot to be thankful for! 🙂

After saying a short prayer and keenly watching the one and only pink sister I saw, I got up, went around and took pictures while my friends finished their prayers.


We went to Abreeza Ayala Mall to have lunch.  My friend’s aunt recommended a restaurant named Ristorante Spirale and that’s where we decided to eat!  The ambiance, food, and service were close to perfection! =)

Read more about this restaurant and our dining experience here.


Went to Starbucks for some coffee and desserts! =)


Now it’s time for some real adventure! Outland Adventure that is! Haha

I have done the zip line at least 4 times before this one. This is nothing new to me, but it’s something I do to somewhat conquer my fear of heights. I still get nervous whiler I’m being harnessed. It’s not as if I’m falling on a super soft matress if something goes wrong!

Anyway, this zip line has two stops so you have an option to change “positions” (choice of superman, sitting or inverted) in between. I did the first 2. I’m not sure if I’m ready for the inverted one just yet! Haha 2 of my friends did it and said it was super cool! …uhm maybe next time?!

Among all the zip lines I’ve tried, I’d say the one in Puerto Princesa is still the best. 😉


We were supposed to visit the Crocodile Park next, but I dunno… Somehow going swimming was what everyone agreed on.  I’m all for swimming, especially if it’s in pool!

For Php 100 fee, you can swim all you want in Rancho Palos Verdes Sports & Country Club.  This is the first club house I went to that required a swim cap when swimming – for women.  I guess they don’t want to clog their drainers with hair! haha  And you can buy the swim caps from them for Php 180.  Not bad.  Speaking of swim caps, my friends and I made fun of them… Okay, I made fun of it more!  Told them we should do synchronized swimming considering our weird head gear! Oh we tried! But we ended up just laughing and not getting the “routine” done properly!

I really enjoyed swimming here.  The structure is very kid-friendly.  Such a breathtaking view during sunset, too!


After taking a bath, everyone was tired and hungry!  So we went back to Abreeza Mall to have dinner at Ranch & Reef.

Honestly, the food was so-so.  We got there late so the food warmers were almost empty, but the chefs were kind enough to cook and serve more food for us.  They served a variety of meats and seafood dishes, but I only ate salad, tempura, fish fillet, some vegetables and pasta.  I was soooo tempted to get some steak, but I thought I already had Pork Barbeque the night before. Haha However, the mini desserts did it for me.  Everything was good except for the pastillas ball and pastillas ball with corn flakes.  That was a weird combination!



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