For our second day in Davao, my friend’s aunt (who is a Dabawenya) recommended a restaurant where we could have lunch.

Ristorante Spirale is located in Abreeza Mall in Mamay Road, Davao City. Being an Italian food lover, I didn’t think twice about going in. I was busy taking photos of the interior and left the decision of what to eat to my friends.

To stay on budget, we usually order for sharing. This way, we also get to taste a little bit of everything.

On the Menu:

  • Quattro Formaggi
  • Pasta Marinara
  • Salsicce
  • Roasted Garlic Chicken
  • Pizzata Gabriele (thanks, BDO!)
  • Chardonnay

Upon entering the restaurant, I immediately noticed the rustic decorations on the wall – framed photos, hanging pans, and the wide variety of wine lining the adjacent wall. I just fell in love with the decorations! I couldn’t stop looking around! I bet the restaurant will even look better at night!

Quattro Formaggi is basically a four cheese pizza: white mozzarella, ricotta, feta and blue cheese topped with roasted garlic and served with tomato salsa on the side. I haven’t eaten pizza for a few months so this was a big deal for me! But not eating pizza in an Italian restaurant is torture! I simply had to indulge! Besides, what is one slice of this super thin cheesy pizza?! Hehe Needless to say, the pizza was divine! I’m not a big salsa person (tomatoes in general), so I had to pass on that.

Although I’m not fond of tomato sauces… I had to try the Pasta Marinara. I was intrigued by the pesto outlining the plate as if that would make a difference on how the pasta tasted! Haha It was not that maasim for my taste, but 2 forkfuls is enough for me.

The Salsicce was my favorite! It had Italian sausage, mushrooms with stewed tomatoes and cream. This is my kind of pizza! It had the right amount of everything! The sausage didn’t have a strong taste / smell that could have easily ruined the dish. Oh… I will try to replicate this at home! And did I mention, we had to order another plate coz’ it was that good!!!

Unfortunately, I didn’t get to taste the Roasted Garlic Chicken. I was enjoying the Salsicce so much I didn’t bother to get a share of the chicken! My friends didn’t complain though… So I guess it was okay. Hehe

As I was looking around, I saw a cardboard advertisement on top of the tables with the BDO logo. I am my father’s daughter – anything free instantly becomes something of interest especially when I have been having a good dining experience! Hehe So I asked our server about it. And Voila! We got a free Pizzata Gabriele!

It is a mini pizza with cheese, bacon, garlic and oregano served with arugula and spicy oil on the side. The server said to top off the slice with the arugula and oil and roll it before eating. Mmmm mmmm mmm! This is even tastier than the four cheese pizza! Thanks to BDO! Haha

And just because I wanted to have an ultimate Italian dining experience (wow, sosyal!) I ordered a glass of Chardonnay. I forgot what the rules are when it comes to which type of wine accompanies which dish. Wine is wine! 😉 Our server was really kind to let me sample 2 different red and 2 white wines before I made my decision. If I was in Manila, that wouldn’t have been possible!

Our server, Barley (a.k.a. Darling) was super bait and attentive! He was very accommodating, gave us recommendations on what to order and he was spot on!! He explained whatever dish we asked about. Sana all servers are like him! 🙂

Honestly, there is nothing bad about this dining experience. Or I just didn’t notice the little stuff because I was having too much fun! I should change this blog’s title to Resto-Raves! Haha


Obviously, I’m giving this restaurant a 3 Chef Critiques! Chef Yum Yum

If I could give it an extra one, I would, but that would be cheating! Hahaha

This is definitely a must try!


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