Davao: Life is Here – Day 3.

Third day is… Buying of Pasalubong Day! We just went to Aldevinco Shopping Center where you can buy scarves, malong, sarong, native bags, shirts, dresses, keychains, jewelry and other knick knacks for a very cheap price! Okay, I was very busy buying that I didn’t get to take pictures na! Hahaha

Overall, I spent around Php 2500 for pasalubong alone! But this includes 7kg of Suha worth Php 600 and Durian Candies worth Php 300. Haha I went scarf/shawl-crazy though! I think I bought 7 different kinds! 5 of which I’m keeping, the other 2 I’m giving to my mom and sister! Hehehe

After that we went to SM Lanang to have lunch… And have a mini photo shoot! Haha


We had lunch at Hukad. Hukad means “to serve”. It’s obviously an all Filipino restaurant. Really good eat!

…And who could pass up on Crispy Pata?! Ü


Before dinner, we decided to pass by People’s Park.

I think I would have appreciated the concrete artworks if we went there a little earlier. There was just too many people there at night and a lot of dark unlit areas, too!


My friend’s family invited us for dinner. Look at all those food! Oh so yummy!!! A mega feast!

I tried everything except for the pork liempo and chicharong bulaklak. I think I’ve had enough pork for this entire vacation! Haha

After dinner, we had a couple of drinks and chickahan with the aunts. Just the right way to end our last night in Davao.


I will surely go back to Davao! There’s a lot more to see and explore! It’s like Manila, but cleaner and safer… And has less traffic! Ü

Special thanks to:

  • Bobong, out mega tahimik driver.
  • Tita Chi and Tita Nins, for touring us around and giving all those recommendations.
  • Tita Doll, for the laughs and chickahan. Let’s go to that “bar” next time ha?! Hehe
  • Of course, to my friend, Toots, this trip wouldn’t have been half as hassle free without you and your family’s help. Thank you, thank you! ❤

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