From Laguna to Tagaytay.

I really need to start blogging real-time! Lately all I ever want to do is relax. Bum out. Just lie on my bed and let time pass. Haha Anyway, school's over. We had our repertoire (finals) on June 17th. After being extremely busy for 2 weeks preparing for that, my classmates planned to have a… Continue reading From Laguna to Tagaytay.


Davao: Life is Here – Day 2.

After a somewhat okay sleep from the night before, we're all ready for another day of adventure and fun! We didn't have any concrete itinerary for the day. Whatever goes is our motto! Haha We left the hotel at about 10:00 am and headed straight to the Shrine of the Holy Infant Jesus of Prague. I… Continue reading Davao: Life is Here – Day 2.