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February 2021 Bullet Journal Setup | Potion Bottles

Hello lovelies! Hope you had a great past month. 🙂

Today I’m setting up for my February spreads. My initial thought while planning the theme is that I didn’t want it to be too Valentine-y and be restricted to just the colors red and pink. And so I decided on a potions / potion bottles theme. I’ve seen others use this theme, usually in November for Halloween. But I’m putting my own twist into it. Please NOTE that these potions are made up!

The COVER PAGE is a simple potion bottle with wings on the side. This is based from a Vector. I initially wanted to use watercolors to color the potions/bottles, and that would probably looked the best, but I didn’t want to mess it up and just stuck with what I’m most comfortable with — Tomow Dual Brush Pens.

The CALENDAR is much different from what I’ve been using in the past. I would still like to use this as my Instagram Planner so I patterned it to look like my Instagram feed. Day 1 will start at the lower right box going left in rows of threes. Hope that makes sense. 😜 I also didn’t want the sides to be left blank (like what I usually do), the rest of the blank spaces will be for random ideas and notes.

WEEK 1 is a Love Potion — and not the make-him-fall-in-love-with-me type of love potion. This potion with remove hatred, bitterness, anger and other negative emotions a person is feeling at any given moment. And instead replace them with care, compassion, forgiveness, understanding and essentially, Love — for self and others.

WEEK 2 is a Hope Potion. I couldn’t think of something to represent hope and incorporate it in the bottle design, so I opted for the color yellow, which is associated with hope for the most part. This hope potion is for anyone who’s feeling afraid, worried or they’re not i a good place mentally and/or emotionally. This potion will reverse all that.

WEEK 3 is a Dream Potion. This potion will give you courage to pursue your true passions in life. Whether it’d be your main career or other side hobbies, this potion will help you achieve them.

WEEK 4 is a Wealth Potion — and by wealth, I don’t mean monetary means. This potion is for the wealth of wisdom and for families and friends who will love, cherish and support you. Additionally, just like the saying goes Health is Wealth, this potion will provide good health to anyone who drinks it.

I know these “meanings” have loop holes, but it’s purely made up anyway! If you could only drink ONE of these, which one would you choose? 🙂


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