Bullet Journal

March 2021 Bullet Journal Setup | Terrazzo

Hello lovelies! How is your week so far?

Today, I’m setting up my bullet journal for March. I’ve been seeing a lot of Instagram and Facebook ads for Terrazzo items and I feel it’s speaking to me. So that’s my theme for this month!

Terrazzo is usually used for floor and wall treatments by adding chips of marble, granite, quartz, glass or other suitable materials into cement or other binders.  It has made a comeback in recent months or years especially in the art community.

The process is obviously the same for each page. I used different color combinations for each one and starting from the darkest, I color in random shapes in random areas of the page and do the same for the rest of the colors.  Repeating the cycle until I’m happy with the outcome. I also opted to leave a blank border around the terrazzo for a cleaner look.


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