Bullet Journal

January 2020 Bullet Journal Setup

Hello January! 🤩
I recently re-arranged my stationery supplies and I quickly realized that I have SOOO MUCH of everything — washi tapes, stickers, stamps, notepads, and other stationery products! I am now in need of a new cabinets and drawers because my supplies just couldn’t fit into my current cabinet system. And thinking if I should just buy a new table with said cabinets/drawers altogether. My main inspiration is the Ikea Limmon Double Alex Combination. I still might outgrow this cabinet system if and when I buy more stuff. And so, my resolution is, that I have to use what I already have. 😊

So for my succeeding bullet journal setups, I’ll be using stamps, washi tapes, pens and markers that I already own. This is actually a good thing because that means I don’t need to draw! hahaha

This January setup is a true testament of that resolution. You can either watch the video below for the initial setup or read on!

My main theme for the month of January is FLOWERS, nothing fancy or specific, with an accent color of YELLOW.

I’m really excited for this cover page, because I have not done this before. I used Tombow Dual Brush Pens 026 and 379 to make this watercolor splash effect. I used green as a contrasting color.
To make this effect, I swatched the pens on a piece of plastic (an old sticker packaging in this case) then used a water brush pen to dilute the ink and blend the two colors in the middle. I slapped that onto the page, pressing towards the direction where I want more color. I repeated the same process to the areas that I missed. If this instruction is not clear, I suggest you watch the video instead! Hehehe
Next, I used a stencil for the month title, and flower stamp for the half wreath below the title.
This effect might bleed through or change colors depending on the type of notebook you’re using. With my Archer and Olive notebook, it still bled through a little bit on some parts. I find that the paper absorbs water very quickly so just a fair warning.

I used the Everyday Explorers Stamps Calendar Days for the days of the week, Dated for the days of the month, and Memories and Things Clear Stamp Borders for the lace on top. Then I added a flower sticker on the bottom right part of this spread.

WEEK 1 (January 1 – 5)
I somewhat struggled on this part coz I feel like I wanted to incorporate a lot of things here, but I am happy with how this turned out. I decided to put in a calendar and highlight the current week. This is more for aesthetic and I’m just trying it out. Beside that are my habits and I used the Everyday Explorers Stamps Track All Things to stamp that. On the left side of the daily boxes are for the meals I ate for the day. I usually skip breakfast so I want to force myself do eat breakfast by having this tracker. I’d hate blank unfilled spaces when this week is done! LOL

WEEK 2 (January 6 – 12)
I used a different layout for the second week. I separated the tasks part and had a blank page for more journaling. Like the first week, I have the week number, calendar and habits. I used a Zebra Mildliner to draw out the boxes and same stamps as before for the date and days of the week. On the right side, I used this cute girl notepad I had and a quote from Jim Carrey that says, “Flowers don’t worry about how they’re going to bloom. They just open up and turn towards the light and that makes them beautiful.”

WEEK 3 (January 13 – 19)
For this week, I retained the separate task list and a journaling page coz I really liked that. I used the Tombow Dual Brush Pen #055 for the boxes and still the same stamps as the previous weeks. I also added a lace stamp on top for a little more interest on this page. For the journaling (blank) side, I used all the yellow Tombows I had to make a gradient watercolor splash effect. Then used these flower stamps, plus the quote, “Be your own kind of beautiful.” That to me is very true, especially coz my goal is to be original in my works and setup. ☺️

WEEK 4 (January 20 – 26)
I’m really liking the separate pages for tasks and journaling so I did it again this week! I kept it simple and only made sort of a collage using washi tapes, a page of a book, a doily and a flower stamp. I left the adjacent page blank for the Chinese New Year spread on the 25th.

WEEK 5 (January 27 – 31)
For the last week of January, I went back to a structured setup simply because I still wanted to track my meals and have not done it the past weeks. I decorated this page with a sea of flowers, aster or something similar, I’m not really sure. And I only colored in the centers of the flowers a very light yellow for accent!

And that concludes the month of January! I really had a lot of fun doing the first month of the year. I am hopeful and will continue this creative process. Stay tuned for the February Plan With Me blog post! 😉


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