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2020 Bullet Journal Setup

This is the year that I will take this bullet journaling really seriously! ☺️ One of the goals I’ve set for myself this year is to be original on how I setup my journal. I CAN take inspiration from the work of others, but I CANNOT copy. This goes for themes and layouts. I also should not and cannot compare my work with other more creative creators. That’s how I’m going to do it this year!

I am using one of my Archer and Olive Notebooks, the Fleur de Bleu for 2020. For the Collections pages, I kept it very minimal and only used colors in the Turquoise/Teal family and Gold Watercolor for a little contrast. My pages are more for functionality than decorative. So let’s get planning!

Since I can’t draw well [for the life of me], I printed out a vector of this girl with a hair bun. This is me on most days! But what made me choose this vector is because the girl is tilting her head down. This, to me, means humbling myself to having SELF-DISCIPLINE in all aspects of my life.
That’s my word of the year! Then for the “2020”, I used gold stickers I already had.

The succeeding pages will have the same title format. I used the following supplies:
> Teal Blue StazŌn Stamp Pad
> Tools to Live By Typewriter Stamp Set, lowercase
> Gansai Tambi Starry Colors Watercolor Set, Champagne Gold

These are the other supplies I used all throughout this setup: (so as not to mention them repeatedly)
> Black Memento Stamp Pad – for all black parts
> Uni-ball Signo UM-151 DX 0.38 Emerald Pen – for tables
> Tombow Dual Brush Pen #291 (from Tropical Set) – as highlights for headers
> A stamp set, which I have lost since LOL 😂 – for all page content headers

This page will be both my year at a glance and future log. I don’t really see the purpose of having those separate. 😜
Anyway, I used a calendar stamp for the month calendars. Then a calligraphy font alphabet stamp set for the months.

This is the only page that’s colorful. I printed out vectors/photos of a corresponding goal category instead of just writing the titles. Categories as follows (L to R): Spiritual, Financial, Health, Relationships, Business/Work, Personal Development, Travel, and my YouTube and this Blog.
I will then write 3 to 4 goals below each category. 😉

I have used this page in my previous journals and it really helped me plan out our meals since I do that on a monthly basis. That also determines the groceries and produce we’re going to buy to stick to our budget! 💵
Again, I separated this page into six categories: Chicken, Pork, Beef, Seafood, Pasta, and Vegetables.

I have also used this page before and this is very vital when life gets too busy! This is also to train myself to do these things as often as they need to be done. Yes, sometimes I get really lazy! 😝 I divided the tasks into: Daily, Weekly, Monthly, Bi-Monthly, Quarterly, Semi Annually, and Annually.

I can’t make a meal ideas page without also making a grocery list now, can I?! As I’ve mentioned, those two goes hand in hand. And I didn’t want to write down all of that, so I printed it out instead. Hehehe

This list includes everything we need for our travels — from overnight essentials to a two-week winter vacation. I would usually list these items on a piece of paper then check off the ones I’ve already packed and then eventually throw away that paper when everything’s ready. I wanted to eliminate that list making so this page makes sense to me. 😊

My plan for this page is to draw and make a collage of our trips, may it be a short or long one. I am not sure how many trips we’re going to have this year, but we’re planning to visit Japan in December. I’m really excited for that! 🤩

This page is dedicated to that Japan Trip. I’d like to list down places I want to visit, or stores I want to check out or food to eat! This is like a brainstorming page before I finalize our itinerary,

hese pages are for my home baking business. I need to make a good account of my sales and purchases and also see how much I made the entire year.

This page is to keep track of all my online orders, whether it’s for the home or for personal use. When I buy from Aliexpress, I tend to forget about it because it takes a month or two to get here. So here, I’ll be able to see which ones are delivered and which ones are still in transit.

Not for anything, but I only want to see how my social media accounts are progressing. I’m not actively asking/begging for subscribers. If they subscribe, then good. If not, that’s okay, too! Totally up to them! ☺️

This is to track my progress on different or multiple video and/or blog projects at the same time. Sometimes I want to get on a new project and finish the current one at a later time. This tracker will tell me which parts I still need to work on. The acronyms on top are: Shoot Video, Photos, Edit, Description, Links, Blog, YouTube, Instagram.

This is basically what I want or need, either for our home or stationery items. I will be printing photos of the items and make a collage out of it. 😉 I definitely won’t be buying everything, but it’s nice to see them from time to time! LOL

My #1 goal (as it now states on my journal), is to read the entire Bible within a year. Not just literally read, but to understand and find a deeper meaning. Based on my computations, if I read 4 chapters a day, regardless of length of each, I will be able to accomplish my goal before the year ends! I printed out a list of all the books and how many chapters there were per book.

I’ve not used a key before, but this year, I want to try it. Aside from legends, I am color coding the specific tasks so I can easily see which area I spent my day on. This will take some getting used to, but I’m hopeful. Also, I kept the key on a separate sheet of paper for it to be mobile, rather than having to flip back and forth. 😊

How did you plan your journal this year? 😊 If you’d like to share your setup, tag me on Instagram @serendipityandbliss.

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