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Washi Tape Collection – Updated

Hello lovelies!

After all my hauls, I now have 2 drawers full of washi tapes! And here’s the updated inventory. I also included my swatch book in this video – I needed a bigger notebook to do this because of the insane amount of washi tapes I have now!

I have been collecting washi tapes since 2013. I stopped buying after a few purchases because I really didn’t have any use for them then — I just bought them because they’re cute! And also due to the limited number of stores here in the Philippines where I could buy them, the prices are very steep.

I don’t know how it started again, but I discovered Aliexpress, where everything is cheaper! And the rest is history.


Currently, I have 291 washi tapes, including some duplicates. …And my shopping carts are still filled with washi tapes, stickers and other stationeries. I am just holding back on buying them because I already spent a lot on the last 4 stationery hauls!!!

If you want to inquire about a specific washi tape, comment down below!

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