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Old School 90’s Stationery Collection

For as long as I can remember I really had a HUUGE fascination with paper.  I would hoard used papers from my Dad’s office and turn them into scratch papers to use to doodle or for my mom to quiz me on current school lessons.  I was always at a local bookstore looking for notebooks, pens, art materials, books, etc.  This bookstore was just across my Dad’s business office so if I get board in his office, he’d send me to the bookstore!

In the 90s, these stationery sets were popular.  There was no technology or internet back then, or maybe just starting, and sending a letter was still the means of communication to/for someone far away.  Long distance calls were expensive so sending a letter is still the cheapest option.  The waiting part is a different story. Hahaha


I started buying stationery sets in grade school and would swap with other classmates.  It’s funny because I see them everyday and yet we still write to each other.  We would also send letters during summer vacation when we won’t see each other for a couple of months!  That part was exciting because we didn’t know when it will actually arrive and checking the mailbox became a habit.

I only started collecting or keeping at least 1 set of my favorite stationeries when I was in high school.  My friends and I would go to this street vendor after school to rummage through dozens of stationery sets!  And the vendor adds new kinds every week!  Yes, most of my allowance went to buying these! LOL Even until now my “allowance” goes to stationery purchases!

I think I didn’t buy much more of these in college.  Instead, I bought notepads in different sizes from Papemelroti, a local stationery store in the Philippines.

Anyway, here are the ones I’ve kept from when I was in high school.  I take these out from time to time and reminisce the good ol’ days!  Life was really simple back then. 🙂

If you used these in high school, comment down below! I’d love to hear your stories. 🙂


3 thoughts on “Old School 90’s Stationery Collection

      1. we used to play a game before where we have to bet through a rock scissor paper game or bottlecap draw. whoever wins, gets the paper.

        so if you are not lucky, you will lose all your precious papers. that time, hello kitty and those scented ones are the faves of many girls.

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