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Stickers and Washi Haul

Okay. So I thought I was over the washi tape fever.  I was sooo wrong! Now I even added stickers to this craziness! I was planning out my bullet journal themes and was stuck on succulents, but I didn’t want to draw them. I wanted something different, but easy to do – which was the main reason for this haul.

So here’s the breakdown of my purchases from Aliexpress:

Build Dreams Store


* 3 pieces washi tapes in different widths
* 9 boxes themed stickers
* 1 set succulent sticker sheets (6 pieces)
TOTAL COST: $15.07


Depending on the theme, the stickers in each box ranges from 40-46 pieces. Some themes would have multiple same sticker design in a box, and some themes have all unique designs like two of the Christmas themed boxes.  I will be using those for gift tags this year.  I am buying in advance to be able to plan my wrapping theme. Haha

Overall, this purchase was a definite good one.  I am excited to use the succulent stickers for my bullet journal! Yihee!

Mohamm Store

* 7 pieces washi tapes in different widths (one not in photo)
* 5 boxes themed stickers
* 1 pack cacti themed stickers with gold foil
* 2 packs teardrop paper clips (10 pieces per pack)


The themed stickers have the same premise as the first store, while the cacti themed sticker pack only contained 24 pieces. One of the boxed stickers had lesser pieces than what’s published on the site.  I am waiting for a response on that dispute as of this writing.

For this store, I am still happy with the items despite the dispute issue. I love that the stickers had vivid colors – my photos might not capture it, but they really look nice in person!

As for now, I will not be opening the app for a while. I will use what I have and refrain from buying any more. It is sometimes hard to resist because they are just too cute! But I know I have enough more than enough.

If you have stickers and washi tape collections, share them with me through my social media pages!

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11 thoughts on “Stickers and Washi Haul

    1. Hi, @sittingpolishpretty! Glad you liked the stickers. You can either download the app or go online to check these stores out! The app offers more discount compared to the web version. Links of these stores are in my posts. I like to choose stores that offer free shipping.

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