Bullet Journal

Bullet Journal | May 2018

Hey lovelies!

Today, I want to share with you my bullet journal pages for the month of May. This was 2 weeks in the making and I hope you guys like it!

This month’s theme is succulents. I recently bought stickers and I want to put them to use immediately! Succulents are probably easy to draw, but I really want to get the multi-color effect to be perfect with the least amount of effort! Haha These stickers I used for the cover page have light and pastel like colors, which I really liked. I used big block letters to indicate the month and didn’t color it in because I wanted the colors of the succulent to stand out more.  I used Pigma Micron 005 and 01 on all of these pages.


My monthly log is different this month.  I decided to make it all in one page and in landscape format.  I used trimmed washi tape for the days of the week and decorated the blank spaces with more of the succulent stickers I used in the cover page.  I used a date stamper for the dates for a neater look.


The next page contains my habit tracker, which had decreased immensely; My to-do list, bake list and blog list, which was usually on the same page as my monthly log; And a simple mood tracker wheel.  I will be using different shades of green Tombow dual brush pens for different moods. I incorporated more succulent stickers on this page and used the same date stamper.

On the adjacent page is my meal planner.  I switched it up a bit this month by segregating the columns for breakfast, lunch and dinner.  As usual, I have post-its for my grocery and market list on top.

I used a letter stencil for the headers on these pages.


These are my journal pages.  As I’ve mentioned last month,  I didn’t want it to be so structured anymore. Well… I did that for the first week! The succeeding pages are left blank for more free form journaling.
Week 1: I divided the page in six parts. I used the same set of succulent stickers to indicate the dates and wrote the numbers using a stencil and a Tombow N15.  I will be doing the same for the succeeding journal entries.
Week 2: I drew a window with plants, using different sets of stickers because the set I’m using didn’t have bigger pieces.
Week 3 & 4: I bordered the pages with green washi tapes and decorated with hanging succulent plants.
Week 5: I bordered the page with broken lines using a Tombow 133 and added potted succulent plants from the other sets.

Materials used for this month’s spreads:
– Various succulent stickers [read: Stickers & Washi Haul]
– Different washi tapes [read: Washi Tape Collection]
– Pigma Micron 005, 01
– Tombow Dual Brush Pens N15, 126, 133, 158, 192, 195, 249
– Stencils
– Date Stamper
– Pencil
– Ruler
– Eraser

If you have created succulent-themed pages or decide to re-create my pages, I’d love to see them! Tag me on Instagram!

Happy journaling!


2 thoughts on “Bullet Journal | May 2018

  1. Wow I really love your may set up! I especially love the little flower pots! such cute colours! I’d love it if you went and checked out my most recent post about my may set up and tell me what you think!

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