Cebu Day 4.

Don hired the same tour guide again for a Cebu-Mactan tour. We’ll be staying in Mactan for the rest of the trip, so it’s very timing.

We checked out and left the hotel at around 8:30am. Although we couldn’t contact the place, we headed straight to Betty’s Botanical Garden in Cantipla. We were able to locate the place, but we had to go down a very steep, rocky and muddy rough road. Yes, that’s 4 adjectives. I think you can hire a habal habal, but this was technically unplanned so we had no choice but to walk. About 500-600 meters away from the main road. Had  asthma attacks both going down and going back up. I didn’t really enjoy this part! I was upset halfway through and I didn’t even bother to go around anymore. Going back up was a lot harder. I don’t know how the locals survive such road, especially when it’s raining!

Next on the list is Tops Lookout. There’s an entrance fee of Php 100.00 per person. You can see a panoramic view of Cebu City. The best time to go is either around sunset or at night. Going there during the daylight doesn’t really give it the wow dramatic factor. Just imagine this skyline at night!

Nearby, there’s the Temple of Leah. Php 50.00 entrance fee per person. It was opened to the public just recently. It is still being constructed, but the structure already looks amazing.  The temple is Roman inspired, thus the intricate columns, details and statues.

This temple was built as a tribute to Leah Villa Albino-Adarna by her husband, Teodorico Adarna, to represent his undying love for her.


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