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Cebu is famous for its lechon, a roasted suckling pig dish. A lechon is a traditional staple during birthdays or any special occasion and fiestas in the Philippines.  And now it’s made even commercialized that they only roast bonesless lechon belly  instead of the whole pig.

With that said, we had to try it out! While everyone “claims” that they’re the best or the original, it’s still subjective to a person’s taste preference.

We had dinner at Zubuchon in Mango Square.  It was late and so I think they didn’t have the “good” parts anymore. The server was even unsure if there are any crispy lechon skin left to serve!

Although it’s late, there were still quite a number of people dining. The only problem is – there’s only ONE waiter/server to tend to all incoming customers.

 The Boneless Zubuchon is what we ordered. I must say… The taste is too plain – not special in any way. It was tender and not a lot of the skin was crispy.  :/ There’s not much to say anymore.

  We also ordered Squash Soup. Presentation wise, it’s appealing. It tasted like squash with cream, no umph though!  Haha I had to put a little soy sauce to bring out the taste even more. It was way more delicious after that. So I think a touch of salt would have made it better.

At this time we were almost full, but the Dessert Sampler looked so appetizing! And it did not disappoint!

  • The mangoes were a bit sour maybe because it’s not in season.
  • The buttered kabug wrapped in banana leaves is a native delicacy made of millet, sugar and coconuts, resembles a suman.
  • Biko, another native delicacy made of glutinous rice, brown sugar and coconut milk, was warm and very tasty!
  • The flan was also creamy and the sweetness level was just right.
L to R: Ripe Mangoes; Buttered Kabug (under); Biko; Leche Flan

Service: It was fast considering there’s only one server. He was able to answer questions about the lechon. And also readily refills our drinks.

Value for money: I’d say it’s average. Price is reasonable.

Overall Experience: This is definitely NOT the best Cebu lechon. But considering it’s the star of the show, it is decent enough to eat. 2 Chef Critiques for Zubuchon 2chef


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