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Different {Negative} Types of Co-Workers.

The King (or Queen). This co-worker has a higher rank than everyone else, so he feels compelled to act all all superior all the time. Even if he’s not good at his job.
The Know-It-All. This co-worker may or may not be genuinely good at his work, but he pretends to know everything and is not at all shy in bragging. It’s that person who ALWAYS have a better story, experience, technique, etc… Or so he says.

The Tactless. This co-worker says whatever he wants to say. Regardless if it’s appropriate of not; or if it will hurt somebody or not. He just says what’s on his mind. Usually curses a lot, too.

The Boss’ Pet. Every work place has one! This co-worker is the favorite. Always favored, whether in schedule, compensation, or anything else. He is trusted, even though he’s not always reliable. He could also back stab other employees if need be.

The Bullied. Just like in high school, there’s this one person everyone likes to “bully”. Oftentimes only in a playful manner, but he’s the go-to person to make fun of. 

The Lower Class. Collectively, these are the co-workers who do not stand out. They just do their jobs or just say yes when asked to do something.

The Quiet One. The co-worker who barely speaks, stays in one corner and prefers to be alone. Most of the time, he is under-recognized for doing a superb job. 

The Gossip. This co-worker tells you everything that’s happening in everybody’s lives. Most of the time, they’re made up or half truths. If you want the latest news about anyone – he’s the person to ask!

The Slow One. You know that friend who laughs at a joke minutes after it was made because he couldn’t get it? That’s exactly this co-worker. He is slow in every way possible. Can’t complete a task fast enough even if his life depended on it. 

The Over Sharer. The co-worker who hasn’t even put down his bag or sat on his chair, and is already halfway through his story about his cab ride on the way to work. Topics are never ending – usually includes sexcapades and customer feedback. Sometimes, he’s a good friend of The Gossip. 

Anyone else you can add to the list? Write your comments below. 


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