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Cooking for Seven.

I have been assigned at the Shangri-La branch for work for a month now. For the first week, I had a helper who goes to the market and cooked for the staff. When he got replaced by a trainee, the cooking was left to me.  It was hard at first considering we had a very limited budget. Often times I would shell out money from my own pocket just to buy food that could last us until the end of the work day. That went on for 2 weeks. And since I buy from the mall’s grocery department, the cost is higher.

Last week, I requeated for additional budget for the staff meal and it was provided.

I also decided to plan the menu for the entire week ahead of time and go to a wet market instead so we can save, thus having more food to eat.

The menu I made were all untested recipes; meaning I have never cooked them before. You could say that it was a testing ground for me!

Everyday was a struggle, but I am glad that the meals I cooked were successful.  My colleagues liked them, others are being requested for the following week.

These are some of the meals I cooked, which they really enjoyed eating:

Slow-Cooked Pork Asado








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