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One Down, Sixty Seven More To Go.

I renewed my WordPress subscription today! Last week, I asked Don if I should renew my subscription and he said, “You should. That’s a good hobby of yours.” Blogging, he meant.

I was having second thoughts coz I haven’t been posting lately due to very busy schedules — not exaggerating.  Somehow I’m attached to blogging, but I also don’t want to spend and not be able to fully commit to it.

Anyway, enough about that! Here’s the real story.

2 weeks ago, Don gave me a 2000-piece puzzle that I wanted, but haven’t bought yet. This will eventually be displayed in the kitchen, I told him.

I started putting the pieces together the night he gave it to me and that occupied my time at night when I get home from work. Usually spending 2-3 hours at a time.

My goal was to finish it in a total of 24 hours!

When the workers finished doing their work at home, I spent my free time cleaning, decorating and organizing, so the puzzle was untouched for at least 3 days. By this time, I was only down to about 200 pieces, the hard pieces, the almost identical looking pieces that I was dreading to accomplish. And because they were almost identical with each other, putting it together became harder and I was getting impatient.  I would give up after 30 minutes or 1 hour of trying.  Hahaha That was the main reason why it took longer than my initial goal of 24 hours, shorter if possible.  But I am happy that I only extended 1 hour: finished in 25 hours total.


Now that it’s finished, I can scratch off this item listed on my Bucket List. I even surpassed my goal of 1000 pieces! Haha I totally forgot that I had this listed as a goal. 🙂

I made a flipagram to show you my journey. =P


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