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Calamansi Muffins Version 2.


So the boyfie asked me to bake Calamansi Muffins for his Canadian client who recently went to Boracay and have eaten the famous muffins there. I still had calamansi leftover from the first batch so I decided to use those.

I used the same exact recipe, but the outcome I got was different — in a good way. Maybe it’s the heat from the oven, but this batch puffed like real muffins do! Haha It had a softer, cake-y texture compared to the first batch, which was  a little dense. Tasted better, too. The balance between tangy and sweetness was noticeable. And I just couldn’t get enough!

The oven temperature was the same, but since I was baking cheesecake in the lowermost shelf, I had to place the muffins on top of the cheesecake, whick exposed it to more heat. 5 minutes in and it puffed up and was golden on top. I turned the tins around and baked it for another 10 minutes via convection setting of my oven. And viola! Really good calamansi muffins!

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