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Cleaning Out My Closet.

Organized Closet

I opened my closet last night and was grossed out by how cluttered it had become! I came from a vacation and I haven’t had the time to properly store away clothes I didn’t wear on my trip and those that just came from the laundry.

So today, I decided to de-clutter.

I took out clothes after clothes after clothes.  It wasn’t an easy task, but I got through it!  Anyone interested to hire a personal closet organizer?!  Haha

Cleaning / organizing is really therapeutic for me.  It’s like I’m on a trance when I am organizing.  It’s… I dunno, weird! =)

It took me about 2 – 3 hours to finish this tiny tiny closet.  And I managed to let go of clothes that I haven’t used in a long time or doesn’t fit anymore.  Which gave me a little more space for those that I wanted to keep.

I was pleased with the results of my hard work, although now… I am super tired.  I didn’t just organize my clothes, I also literally cleaned the entire cabinet – scrubbing and all.

My conclusion: I think I still need MORE closet space. Haha


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