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Funny Jeepney Sign.

Riding the jeepney almost everyday, I thought I’ve seen it all! From “Batak Mo, Stuff Ko” to “Full the String to Stop” and several other misspelled versions. All of which just means to pull the string/rope so the driver will pull over.

On my way home last Thursday, this is what caught my attention the minute I got on the jeepney. There are no misspelled words, but it’s just different from all the others. I simply had to take a picture: “Sigaw ng Darna Pag Bababa”.

What if I did shout “Darna” in replacement for “Para” or “Sa Tabi Lang“? How would the people react? Will the driver even acknowledge it? These were the questions that went through my head during the 3-minute ride to my bus stop. Of course I was too cowardly to test it. It would, however, bring a lot of attention to me if I did it. LOL Oh.. the thought of weird stares from strangers… No way!

This is not the first jeepney sign I’ve taken a photo of. I might need to dig through my Camera Roll to find the others. Haha

‘Til the next jeepney sign!

*Darna is the Filipino counterpart of Wonder Woman… sort of. Ü As human, she needs to swallow a small magical stone and shout “Darna!” And that’s when she transforms into a superhero.


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