Davao: Life is Here – Day 1.

My friends and I left for Davao on the 16th of May for a mini-cation (short vacation).  It’ll be my first time to fly via Zest Air so I was hoping for a better flight experience compared to the other airline companies I’ve booked flights with.  Fortunately, the experience was way above my expectations.  For one, the flight was not delayed! …Or maybe because my flight was really early so there was less air traffic? Either way, I was very pleased.  Plus: we arrived in Davao 20 minutes early!

We arrived in Davao at around 6:00 am so it was too early to check in the hotel.  My friend’s aunt and uncle picked us up from the airport and we went straight to their house for breakfast.

After breakfast, we headed straight to Paradise Island Park and Beach Resort in Samal Island, a 5-minute boat ride from the port.  Spent half the day there, just swimming, sunbathing, taking pictures and of course a lot of chickahan!

All of us haven’t had any sleep since the day before and this was the best way to relax and unwind.  Time seemed to move really slow.  Couldn’t ask for anything more: the pure, soft sand, the sun, and the mellow band music playing was enough.

After lunch, we went back to my friend’s family’s house to rest and wait for the driver who will drop us off at our hotel.

ParadiseIsland1Paradise Island2

My friend’s mom and aunt took us to Waterfront Insular Davao to see their facilities.  Oh how I wish we could stay here!  It’s so serene and beautiful. I could just imagine how magnificent the sunset would look like while I lay in one of the beach chairs and watch.


We checked in at Green Windows Dormitel at around 4:00 pm.  The room we got was a dormitory type room with 3 bunk beds to accommodate the seven of us.  To be honest, I don’t care much for how the room looks like, as long as the beds and bathroom are decent, especially when I know I will be out most of the day.

This room costed us a little over Php 900 per person for the 3 nights.  Not bad, right? =)

We rested for a few hours, some slept and others took a bath and freshened up in time for dinner.

* 3 photos courtesy of Google *
* 3 photos courtesy of Google *

Before dinner, we went to Jack’s Ridge.  The place is overlooking the city.  It was sort of the Tagaytay in Davao.  And with all the lights, it was simply spectacular.  We didn’t stay long nor we went around to see what else there is… everyone was really tired at this time.  We all just wanted to eat then sleep. Haha

So we went straight to Matina Town Square and ate at Barbeque Boss.  The food was good and cheap.  I would have taken photos… but I was too hungry and sleepy! haha

We headed back to the hotel after dinner.

As soon as I laid down on my bed – TKO!



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