For Mothers Day, we had lunch at Maple in Shangri-La Plaza (East Wing). Thought everything was about pancakes or breakfast food, but boy was I so wrong!

On the menu:

  • Drippin’ Baby Back Ribs
  • Blackened Chicken
  • The Maple Salmon Catch
  • Spaetzle Jambalaya
  • The Big Maple Breakfast
  • Plus free dessert!

I really like the feel of the place. There was sufficient lighting and the decos are simple yet elegant.

Food were served within 15 minutes after we’re seated. .

I haven’t been eating a lot of meat the past 6 months, but I couldn’t resist trying Maple’s Baby Back Ribs! And I wasn’t disappointed! Ü It was soooo tender it could melt in your mouth! Haha

The Blackened Chicken was okay, a bit salty for my taste, but it could just be the spices they used.

The Salmon, which was what I ordered for myself, was fresh. I’m not a fan of Salmon, but this one hit the right taste buds!

Being a big seafood eater, I had high expectations when it came to the Jambalaya. It’s the first time I’ve tried it with the Spaetzle, but it turned out to be a good combination! However, the Marinara was too maasim for me. Hehe picky eater ba?!

I didn’t get to taste everything on the Big Breakfast plate, but I super looooove the pancakes! They’re so fluffy! You don’t even need to add more butter. I can snack on this any time of the day! Hahaha

The free dessert was served while we were paying the bill, so it was totally unexpected. Nevertheless, it was yummy! Dessert is my favorite part of every meal. Sweet tooth diva!

The staff were very attentive with smiles on their faces! I tend to notice these things because I wouldn’t want to be served by someone who looks like he/she is carrying the entire world’s problems! The staff’s attitude and etiquette is really a big deal for me. I think this adds to a good dining experience.

For less than Php 3000, I honestly think we hit the jackpot! Haha I am definitely going back! I will take my friends here next time! Ü

We waited for about 30 minutes before we were seated. There were limited seats and I’m not sure if it’s just because of the occasion or if it’s really the case all the time. Next time, we know better and call for a reservation early on. 😉 We stayed at a nearby Krispy Kreme for some donuts while waiting.

We were first seated on a round table. We ordered 5 different dishes and they served it on big plates so you can just imagine how little space we had. We asked to be transferred to a different table – a rectangular one, more spacious and for bonus, we had couches to sit on!


Overall, I’m giving Maple a 3 Chef Critiques*! Chef Yum Yum

* The Chef Critique is how I’ll be rating the restaurants I’ll be blogging about.

Happy Mothers Day, Mama! I love you.
Happy Mothers Day, Mama! I love you.

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