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Stationery Overload.

Recently I’ve found myself cleaning different parts of my room… one section at a time.  Today, I decided to clean out my collection of stationery… from way back grade school and high school!

Oooh… I still remember every Friday, I’d go to that small vendor stall of stationery and other stuff near our school, all excited and giddy.  I’d sort through all the stationery available and spend at least Php 100 (it was worth a whole lot more then!) for paper with cute designs.  These are the ones I used to write to my friends (even though I see them everyday!) I know you’re guilty of this, too!  And it’s making you smile remembering! Hahaha

Anyways, over the years, I’ve kept my favorites and not use them at all.  I went through a Papemelroti phase, too!  Thus, adding more paper to my collection – in every shape and size!

I started with 2 boxes full of paper, which costed me at least Php 4000 more or less. Whhhaaaat?!!!  Php 4000 for paper?!  I know, right?!  So I’m putting them to good use.  Since they’ve been sitting on my cabinet for years I’ve finally decided to sort through them and actually USE them.  Haha no, I’m not giving them away.  Not just yet. =)

On my next post, I will be showing you what I’ve decided to do with those that I’m ready to let go of.  As for now, I’m left with only 1 box [semi-full] of paper (see photo below – lower right).  It might take a few more times of sorting through them before I decide to get rid of everything.  Who knows!  They might come in handy one day. =)




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