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Meat Overload.

Okay so I’ve been really busy the past week.  I only want to sleep when I get home from school or work! =P  It’s not easy juggling everything to be honest.  But hey, nothing in life is easy.

Anyway, we learned different parts and cuts and uses of beef, veal and lamb the last 3 sessions – roasting most of them.

Fine. I’ll insert the photo, but promise to read the rest of the post, okay? Hahaha

Meat Fabrication

From TL Clockwise: Scallopini a la Marsala; Grilled Lamb Medallions with Fruit Confit; Roasted Rib Eye with Cognac Demiglace; Lamb Stew; Pan Grilled Fillet Mignon with Demiglace; Roast Prime Rib with Cognac Demiglace; Roast Prime Rib; Hand-chopped Hamburger with Gruyere and Mozzarella Cheese; Kalbi Qui; Braised Short Plate with Asian-inspired sauce; Roasted Top Blade; and Grilled Hanging Tender with Wild Mushroom Demiglace

Okay that was too much meat for one post, hence the title!  And yes, that’s the entire class with Chef Gino Gonzalez.

This was a very very big challenge for me.  First, because I haven’t eaten meat for almost a year before this class (except for a few instances when I give in to temptation!)  I can’t not taste what we are cooking and what others cooked, right?  (Keep telling yourself that, Lesley!) Next, because we had to cook them roasts medium rare… I have issues with uncooked food. Hahaha In this case, partially uncooked food. I like ’em well done — all the time!!  I guess I have to deal with it, ‘coz in the real world, people like their meats differently.

So it comes down to… which one I liked best.  “Like” doesn’t even measure up to how I’d describe my favorite among all these delectable dishes!  Nothing compares to this one.  And the winner is — THE Prime Rib.  Oooooh, it’s just heaven in my mouth! Hahaha  It’s juicy and very very tender.  Yummm!  It was roasted for a few hours until it reached the doneness it required – and it was all worth the long wait.  I just had to take home my share of that big chunk of greatness!  =)

In conclusion, meat is like baking in essence.  It is delicate, should be handled properly and the doneness of the meat could make or break your dish especially in a fine dining restaurant setting.

I’m not thrilled, but I am very much willing to learn even more.  One step at a time. =)


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