Bullet Journal

September 2020 Bullet Journal Setup

Hello lovelies! I hope you are doing well and staying safe. 🙂

My theme for September is mosaic, which was inspired by one of the members in a Facebook group I’m in about bullet journaling. She was doing the mosaic theme in July and I couldn’t get it out of my mind and so I asked permission from her to use the theme for my September spreads and I’m so glad she was okay with it.

My main inspiration for the cover page is this mosaic table I found on Pinterest. I used a compass with a universal holder to ink the larger circles and utilized different stencils for all the other shapes. I colored it in using the Faber-Castell Goldfaber Colored Pencils. I knew it would be a lot of tedious work to execute this theme, but I did have fun and reveled on the finished version!

First of all, I decided not to put the month title on the cover page because I felt like it would ruin the illusion or design, so I placed the month title on the calendar page instead. I used my old but trusty alphabet stencil for that and a smaller alphabet and number stencil for the days of the week and dates on the calendar. I drew a few more mosaic patterns on some of the boxes as well.

This month’s trackers are pretty much the same as the last couple of months except the theme changes. Again, I used different-sized stencils for the alphabets and numbers. And the repeating calendar is the only stamp I used this month. The habit tracker has a hummingbird pattern on it and a flower in the middle of the mood tracker.

WEEK 1 (September 1 – 6)
As I was researching different mosaic patterns, I came across this lighthouse template for a stained glass window and it looked really interesting! Below is my take on it.

WEEK 2 (September 7 – 13)
For the second week, I went back to basics and did more circular patterns like that of the cover page.

WEEK 3 (September 14 – 20)
I wanted something simple for this week and decided on this tulips pattern. Actually this wasn’t simple at all! 😜 It was harder to color the smaller areas compared to a bigger one like the past week. This is not my favorite, but it’ll do.

WEEK 4 (September 21 – 30)
And for the last week of the month, I used this sun and moon mosaic vector as inspiration.


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