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Stationery Haul #11 – POSTCARDS from / Papemelroti / Carousell

Hello lovelies! I hope you’re having an amazing day so far. 🙂

Another late night shopping just happened 😜 and I bought postcards from 2 different shops. I also finally got the postcards from another seller in Carousell. The seller wasn’t shipping during quarantine, so I had to wait until she does. I mentioned in the last haul post that I want to expand my postcards collection and so here it comes!

I saw someone in the postcrossing group on Facebook buy these postcards. And I just fell in love. ❤️❤️❤️ These definitely didn’t disappoint! I will buy more from this shop in the future. Ms. Cynthia was very friendly and accommodating and shipping was fast, too!

Forest Fruits (Philippine Native Trees), Set of 30
– Php 500.00
– printed on 300 gsm fountain pen friendly acid-free FSC-certified card stock
– each postcard has a brief description at the back

I love a product with a good cause. And even more of very good quality. It’s definitely a steal for Php 16.67 per postcard. I have bought more expensive postcards with lower quality card stock so this is definitely worth buying.

This 30-piece postcard set features botanical paintings of some of the most interesting fruits of Philippine native trees. Through the #ForestFruitsPh postcard set, we hope to raise awareness for the protection and conservation of Philippine native trees, and inspire more people to plant them.

Mamulaklak” Philippine Native Flowers Postcard
– 5.57″ x 4″
– Php 100.00 each
– printed on 250 gsm smooth white fountain pen friendly FSC-certified card stock
– postcards with other phrases and different flower variations are available as well

“Mamulaklak saan ka man itanim”, or, in English, “Bloom where you are planted.” The front of the postcard shows the phrase surrounded by illustrations of various Philippine native flowers, whose common and Scientific names are indicated in small print at the back. Featured in the design are a Hoya, Ilang-ilang, Jade Vine, Banaba, Waling-waling, Gardenia, and Salingbobog.

“Ligaya” E-heads Postcard Print
“Ang Huling El Bimbo” E-heads Postcard Print
– 4″ x 6″
– Php 80.00 each
– digitally printed on 250 gsm FSC-certified acid free paper with archival qualities
– limited edition postcard prints of watercolor paintings inspired by the Eraserheads’ songs
– “Lightyears” also available

“Cafe Campout” Postcard Print
– Php 50.00 (on sale)
– 4″ x 6″
– digitally printed on 250 gsm FSC-certified acid-free paper with archival qualities

Limited edition postcard print of a watercolor painting showing a girl whiling some time away watercolor painting inside a coffee shop. Behind the wall some distance away, a guy is typing on his MacBook. Will they end up meeting in a fateful encounter or will they remain strangers to each other? Who knows. 🙂

Now you know I buy a lot of things from Papemelroti. And postcards are one of them. Aside from the postcards being made from recycled materials, it’s also 5.5″ x 5.5″ in size. Which means more space to write on! I sometimes find smaller/regular-sized postcards limiting especially after I’ve decorated it with washi tape and stickers. Moreover, postcard topics include Philippine culture related, Biblical quotes and other positive messages.

I bought quite a lot of postcards and will link each one by column (based on the photo) and from left to right. All of these cost Php 6.00 each, but they were on sale for Php 4.00 each when I ordered.
Philippine Flavours: Adobo
Philippine Flavours: Merienda
Philippines: Manila Jeepney
Bike: Monkey and Pug
Bike: Bear
Bike: Oreo
Little Top Hat
Little Green Rabbit 
The World Is Yours
Go Confidently
Faith Is Being Sure
It’s Nice To Be Important
There Is Something Good
FREEBIES: Jeepney & Sorbetero Postcards (unlisted on their website as of writing, will update later)

I also bought these jeepney shaped postcards. There are other designs aside from these. I just bought the ones I really liked. Priced at Php 20.00 each, but bought on sale for Php 16.00 each. I previously bought the Teapots and tea cups shaped cards, but have not used them yet. Check those out as well if you’re interested. 🙂
Philippine Jeepney Postcard: Blue
Philippine Jeepney Postcard: Tiboli
Philippine Jeepney Postcard: Floral
Philippine Jeepney Postcard: Floral Red

I inquired about these postcards way back April, about the same time I inquired about the postcards I featured in my Stationery Haul #8 post/video. The seller kept it on reserved status since. Luckily, the seller now allows shipping through Grab. These are old unused postcards, with some yellow stains and tears. These are not Philippine related, but I bought them because the prints are nice and so I have a variety of postcards that I can use.


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