Supplier Review + Total Expenses: Couturiers.

This post is long overdue, but after the wedding, it was Christmas & my birthday then our Honeymoon and then sorting out our things when we got back. I still have a back log of thank you cards to send out!

Anyway, here’s my review for my Wedding Gown and my Entourage’s Dresses.


As previously mentioned, I went with Jannah and Keith for my wedding gown essentially because the owner was able to answer my questions and explain details I have not even thought of! Despite the steep pricing (based on 168 standard), I was convinced!

At first, everything was good. I had my measurements taken very early on. I think it was around July 2016. So since I alloted so much time for the dress, I did not think about it until 2 months later. I had to text the owner to follow up, not knowing that the dress was already “ready” for the first fitting. And I was busy during that time, so I was able to fit around the first week of October. The fitting went well, but it was just the “frame” of the gown, no laces, no beads, nothing.  However, the dress was heavy so in my mind I was getting my money’s worth! It felt like I’m wearing two thick curtains as a dress!

So since I knew she won’t contact me, I tried to follow up a few times a month and receive late responses. I got to fit the dress a few more times, but it’s as if there’s little progress every time.

Fast forward to December 2016, I was trying to rush the owner as I can no longer afford to keep going back to Divisoria to fit the dress.  At one point she offered to deliver it to me, but she didn’t show up.  I had to go back again and she promised that the dress will be finished by then.

I arrived at the store before 10am, but the store was closed.  I tried calling her and texting her, but got no response at all.  She arrived around 11:30am and guess what?!  The dress is still not finished!  After fitting the off shoulder lace detail, they had to manually sew that part to the dress.  She asked me to come back after an hour, but I was not hopeful.  I went back after an hour and still had to wait 2 to 2.5 more hours for them to finish sewing.  I also noticed some parts that I was not happy with so they adjusted that as well.  The accessories included were not yet prepared – they had to get it from different stores/storage areas.

Maybe it was my fault for not fitting the dress with shoes (at the time I fitted the dress, the shoes was still being adjusted), but the dress was too long and it became an inconvenience while I was walking down the isle.

Overall, the dress was decent.  It was not exactly what I envisioned, but I guess that can’t be avoided.  Unfortunately, it was definitely not worth what I paid for.  I felt like they rushed the sewing – it was not as polished as I expected.  Having to go back 7 times was definitely an inconvenience.

Total cost: Php 35,000
Inclusions: Wedding Dress, Pouch, Cord, 2 Veils, 2 Pillows, Arras, Hair Embellishments
Supplier Rating: 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻


Jannah & Keith
168 Shopping Mall, Soler Wing, Stall LGE-05

For the entourage’s dresses, I went with my dad’s recommendation – Angel-Lyca Bridal Gowns & Barongs.  He knows the owner of this boutique and obviously, I am getting a discount!  I initially asked them to quote me for my dress as well and they gave me the same price as above.  Now I wish I just went with this because I was pleased with their work!

My entourage had different schedules so I had to accompany them on different days.  After they have all been measured, I didn’t think about it until months later!

Once they fitted the dresses, there were very minimal adjustments made.  I think it had to do with the ladies gaining a little weight!  But overall, this was the easiest dress fitting ever!


Tita Marie, the owner, was very accommodating.  They were honest with what would look good.  The staff were also very courteous and kind.  Again, it was hassle free!  I most definitely recommend this store!

I picked up the all the dresses at once and got further discounts on the dresses.  I also had my dad’s suit tailored there and it was polished! I’ve never seen my dad in a suit, but he was sooo handsome that day!

Total cost: Php 8, 400 (5 dresses)
Php 1800 x 3 Bridesmaids and Php 1500 x 2 Secondary Sponsors

Supplier Rating: 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

Angel-Lyca Bridal Gowns and Barongs
999 Shopping Mall, BB2-BB4 Basement Level, Bldg. 2

Even after all that hoopla, we had a blast on my wedding!


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