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Hong Kong Steals 2.

Don and I went to Hong Kong for our honeymoon.  Aside from going to places we have not been before, we also included some places that we liked and wanted to go back to.

Our trip to Hong Kong wouldn’t be complete without going to these places: I Love Cake and Citygate Outlet Stores.  

We went to I Love Cake store in Wan Chai because we visited places nearby as well.  And here are the goodies I got!

  1. Matcha Powder HKD 24.00 – I bought one of these 2 years ago, but a smaller packet. This is 30g worth of matcha. I will experiment with this soon!
  2. Cookie Cutters – I know the Christmas season is finished, but honestly, I don’t have Christmas cookie cutters! I convinced Don by telling him that these will be used for our gifts to people next Christmas!
    • Thought Bubble HKD 18.00
    • Christmas Tree and Snowflake HKD 18.00 each
    • Gingerbread Man, Mitten, Sock, Candy Cane, Bear HKD 5.00 each

I wanted to buy more, but I had to control myself.  I wanted to be realistic in terms of what I’ll be baking in the next few months.  I didn’t want to buy something that I won’t be using and will just be stored for some time.

The Citygate Outlet Stores were allocated for the last 2 days of our trip.  Since our AirBnB house was located in Tung Chung area, going here was very convenient.

We went to Esprit first and they were on sale, if you buy 3 or more items, they will give you a 50% discount on all of the items!  Who wouldn’t say no to that?!  These were the things we bought:

  • Knitted Cardigan HKD 599
  • 2 Woman’s Wallet HKD 299 each
  • Men’s Wallet HKD 299
  • Women’s Sling Bag HKD 399
  • 2 Men’s Polo Shirt HKD 299 each
  • Women’s T-Shirt HKD 199

Our total after discount is HKD 1382.The striped wallet, blue polo shirt and t-shirt are for Don’s family. The rest are for the 2 of us.

I wanted to buy a Gucci Rush 2 because mine was almost empty.  So a trip to Sa Sa was inevitable. I found the bottle and the original price was HKD 660 and sale price was HKD 308.  But when I was about to pay, the price even went down to HKD 289.80!  What a steal! On a second visit the next day (because Don wanted to buy a perfume as well, but end up not getting it!) I bought these:

  • Farmasi Nail Polish Remover for HKD 25– When I saw the nail polish remover with a pump, it was a done deal!  I see those when I have my nails done in salons or nail spas, but they are not widely sold in Manila.  So now that I have one, I can just refill it with my favorite nail polish remover! 
  • 2 Color Combos Nail Polish for HKD 15 each– I wanted to try a grey nail polish so I looked for one, and since it was on sale, I also looked for my favorite shade of Red nail polish.  It was always hard for me to choose at nail spas because they would only have sparkling and light ones.  I will just need to bring these along next time!
  • A pack of cotton squares for HKD 16.   – I bought this because it was cheap!  Imagine a pack of cotton squares with 240 pieces only costs Php100! Locally, a small pack with  maybe 50 pieces or so already costs Php80!  If I could stuff my luggage with 10 packs of these I would!

Next was the Adidas store.  We were simply looking at shoes – with a good deal/sale price of course!  I found one that I really really liked, but they didn’t have Don’s size in any of the ones he liked.  However, if you buy 2 or more items, you get an additional 20% discount.  We ended up buying a Stan Smith W pair (HKD 308) for me and a jogging pants (HKD 180) for him.  Our total purchase was HKD 452.

The Puma store had a catchy sale sign: HKD 599 for 2 pairs.  And since Don was not able to buy a pair in Adidas, this was our last shot!  After asking for different types and colors, we  finally found one in his size!  I was not expecting to get another pair, but he asked me if I wanted anything.  Again, I was happy with the Adidas one, but if he’s offering for another pair, why not, right?!  I initially wanted an all black sneakers, but my size was no longer available, so I opted for another color of the same model/design.  Needless to say, we left the store happy!

What do you think about the items we bought? Comment below. 🙂


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