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CCF’s Pre Marriage Counseling


We are having a Christian wedding in December.  This is mainly my “ask” because I grew up attending CCF.  I don’t know any other religion/church but this.

One of the requirements for a CCF Pastor to officiate is to attend this series of classes.  It consists of 7 sessions focusing on different topics.  PMC is conducted three times a year.

Honestly speaking, at first, it felt like a chore.  Something you don’t want to do, but you know you have to.  But as it progress, I am looking forward to Wednesdays and learning some more! The classes/topics are very essential to those who are planning to get married.

This is the class schedule:

  • Session 1: God’s Design and Purpose for Marriage
  • Session 2: Blueprint of Marriage
  • Session 3: Effective Communication
  • Session 4: Resolving Conflicts
  • Session 5: Handling Finances
  • Session 6: Marital Intimacy
  • Session 7: Wedding Requirement and Legal Documents

We attended the third session last night.  And boy, that was a funny session!

Non-CCF members are welcome to attend the counselling sessions.  And it’s totally free!  Contact CCF Pastoral Care for more details: +6328869900.


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