Wedding Suppliers Part 2

Here’s more vendors that we booked.

The Band. This took a lot of discussion, going back and forth. And in the end, we decided to go with Infinite Soul. They are Tagaytay-based so we’re not being charged an out of town fee. Plus, this is the only band who had a package which included singing during the ceremony.

The Coordinator + Host. Initially, I was only going to book the host my friend hired for her wedding. She had the lowest rate among all the others I asked. Aside from hosting, she also sings, so her duo was one of the options we had for the band.  Later on, she asked if I needed a coordinator and I said yes. Turns out, her group is also in the coordination business. And I got them as a package instead.


The Florist. The florist we got is a referral of a colleague. We met with them last week and it was a fun conversation. Due to buget issues, I had to change some of the flower arrangement choices that I have previously made. And I am still waiting for a new quotation from them. UPDATE: I got the new quotation last night.  It’s only a few bucks cheaper than the original price, but I am happy with the decision.  Hopefully, they do a wonderful job.

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