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3-Day Ultimate Cleanse Detox Challenge.

This week, I decided to detox. I took the 3-day Ultimate Cleanse Program.  This is the most ideal for toxin flushing.

They offer three other programs that is suited for different lifestyles: Active Cleanse for gym buffs/athletes; Party Goer/Night Owl for those who party or work late; Skin & Mind Clarity for better focus and skin rejuvination.


15 Detox Juice Bottles (5 bottles per day)
6 Organic Teas (2 per day)
1 Thermal Bag
2 Eco Bags
1 Garden Fresh Salad

Working as a chef in this company has its perks – I get the juices [super] freshly pressed daily.  I only need to take home a couple of bottles for the morning intake before I go to work and then I get the rest of the bottles in the store where I am assigned for that day.

DAY 1:
 485 Calories. Started the day feeling all too tired from the traffic going home the night before. And I knew I wouldn’t have anything to eat for the next 3 days! :/

By mid-day I already felt so weak and sleepy and I desperately want to eat. Being around food all day is pure torture!

When I got home, I had to do a few chores then I slept like a baby until morning!

Overall, my first day wasn’t that bad. I was certainly close to giving up, but still pushed on. Cravings are normal, because that’s what my body was used to – eating! The abrupt change in diet is somewhat extreme, especially for a first timer.  Hated the taste of the teas, but I had no choice. 😛

DAY 2: 575 Calories. Woke up not feeling hungry at all. Instead I felt lighter – or at least, not bloated.

Cravings were still there, but I want to finish the detox without “cheating”. So I kept myself busy so I wouldn’t give in to temptation.  Seeing my colleagues eat sumptuous food didn’t help either! Haha

My second day was okay. My body is getting used to not having any solid food intake. And yes, I still feel hungry and my stomach growls from time to time. I fought the urge and just drank water. I can feel the weight loss and my tummy feels so clean! 😊

DAY 3: 575 Calories. It’s my last day of detox. All I can think of is – I can finally eat tomorrow!! Hahaha Obviously in moderation from now on.

The week before my detox, I have a semi-strict diet of chicken, veggies, fish or seafood. I still eat white rice in moderation, but will switch to brown rice after my detox.

Anyway, today was easy. Craving is close to none. Sorry, but — my poop was weird. I can’t even believe that I still have anything to excrete since I haven’t been eating anything. I guess that’s all the toxins inside my body. 🙂

It was a good experience. I think everyone should do this at least once a month! I did shed a few pounds. The proof? My pants, which I had a hard time fitting in before, is now loose. No need to inhale deeply to be able to button my pants! Hahaha The only challenge after the detox is to keep a strict diet to continue to lose weight. With my schedule, I really don’t have time to go to the gym anymore, but I will definitely commit to doing simple exercises at home. 🙂


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