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Signed, Sealed, Delivered.

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I’ve recently started watching this TV series and it took me by surprise.  I’d tell you – there’s not an episode that I didn’t cry.  The stories moved me for some reason and I always hoped for a happy ending. Yes, I am sappy that way!

The series is about four postal ‘detectives’ in the dead letter department of the USPS.  They track down the sender/recipient of letters/packages that has gone through the cracks and never made it through the system.

There are four main characters:

  • Oliver O’Toole, played by Eric Mabius. The leader of the pack. He’s quirky and yet so charming.  He’s very reluctant to technology and would rather do things the old fashioned way.
  • Shane Mclneryney, played by Kristin Booth. The newbie.  The techie one.  She’s stubborn and likes to push Oliver’s buttons every time she can!
  • Rita Haywith, played by Crystal Lowe. The one with the photographic memory.  She’s pretty and she doesn’t know it.  She’s attracted to Norman, but he is too naive to realize it.
  • Norman Dorman, played by Geoff Gustafson. The conventional researcher.  He’s just adorable!

These four characters really compliment one another.  I say… great casting and really amazing story lines!  I just hope this series won’t end soon.

Here are my favorite scenes from each episode.

Some photos taken from Hallmark Channel Website
Some photos taken from Hallmark Channel



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