Random Ramblings

Two Words.

I decided to take a little break from doing the menu for finals in school.  I came across a “test” in Facebook which looked interesting.  I normally don’t bother with these things, but hey, I’m trying not to think about school stuff.  This is as good as it gets. Hahaha

The test is entitled: “What Two Words Describe You?”  It consists of 10 random questions.  Sounds easy enough.  After answering the questions, here’s what I got.


I was completely surprised!  I wasn’t expecting THAT at all.  I thought it was something funny like “your stripper name test”!  I mean, I know this must be random or meaningless, but I guess I needed this now.  I feel a little lost, especially with all the things going on around me, friends I’ve lost in touch with, heartbreaks…  Sounds like I’m having a quarter-life crisis!

This cheered me up at the right moment!

If you want to take the test, click on this link.


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