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Isn’t that just the cutest thing?

I’m totally biased!

Anyway, that’s Chelsea. A sweet little Boston Terrier pup.  She’s technically not my dog, but I’ve grown to love her.  She’s one of my boyfriend’s family’s dog’s pups!  Now that’s a lot of “apostrophe s-es” for one sentence! haha

Among four pups (two boys and two girls!) , she’s the only one who always approached me – doesn’t leave my side really – even if I don’t have any treats to give.  She just wants to be near me at all times!  The other three would only approach me if I have food to give ’em!

Funny thing though, she doesn’t like to be put on a leash.  She already chewed away 2 leashes!  Wouldn’t even walk while on a leash.  I had to either drag her or carry her back to the house! I have to take a picture one time to show you!

Whatever quirks this dog have, my heart just melts every time I see her.  She really gets excited when she sees me, too!  Ever so playful and sweet.


This photo was when she used me as a human cushion!  When I moved, she’d re-position herself so that she’s laying on my lap again and then she falls right back to sleep.  My back hurt as I was sitting on the floor, not being able to move!  So when I decided to lie down on the bed, she looked at me with that round puppy-dog eyes and I just couldn’t say no!  I picked her up and placed her beside me!  That’s me with the red shirt and yes, that’s my arm/shoulder she’s using as a pillow!  She fell right back to sleep within seconds and was even snoring!

She’s really a good companion to have… except the extreme neediness to be beside me all the time! Just kidding.

Now, I just need to figure out how to teach this dog to behave/sit still, walk while on a leash and take me seriously when I teach her basic tricks! Hahaha  Any suggestions?

Oh, and look out for my next post regarding homemade dog treats!

Bye for now! =)


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