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My Life in a Box.

I’ve been itching to clean for the past week.  Yesterday, I cleaned the entire kitchen.  Today when I woke up I thought about the “stuff” I left at my mom’s house (where I’m currently living in now, temporarily).  So I searched for that dreaded box.  As far as I can remember there’s more than what’s in the picture below.  I gotta search for another box some other time. hahaha!


I was ready to throw everything away… but I couldn’t help not to reminisce.  I went through 25% of it – reading little notes. The others went straight to the trash pile.  Most of what I read I can no longer remember. It’s bits and pieces.  But they made me smile, laugh and cry.  Yes, I cried.  The feelings came flooding back! =P

Some of the things I found:


Hundreds of Christmas cards from grade 1 ’til 4th year high school!  I was a pack rat! hahaha


An 8-page unsent letter for my first love – telling him I still had feelings for him after all those years apart.  Now I wonder… what would have happened if I actually sent it?! =P  Wait. 8 pages? Really?!


I can’t actually take a picture of EACH of the letters, but these ones I’ve set aside for some reason – they’re cute, there’s a special message or it’s just extremely ridiculous!  The post card’s from an old teacher that I kept in touch with after he went to work abroad. Letters written on candy-like stationary, at the back of a fan, self-made one-page “comic” books, a note on a popsicle stick, a typewritten (and I mean from a type writer) friendship poem, and so on.


These can’t go unnoticed! These were only from 3 exes.  The others I have yet to find!

I wonder. What ever happened to handwritten letters?  These were more “special” than an email or a text message that’s full of “shortened” words.  I will write letters to friends I have lost touch with.  I’m sappy that way. =P

And yes, I threw away half of my life with that box today, but the memories, the friendships and relationships will always be treasured.


3 thoughts on “My Life in a Box.

  1. I adore this post!! Like you I also have a box of old cards and letters. Maybe I will get mine out again one day. 🙂

    1. Thanks, @petite28! I will be moving to a new house soon, and these are “clutter” that I don’t want to bring to my new home! It broke my heart getting rid of all of them, but I need to be practical as well. =) Brought back so much memories though.

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