Lipstick Jungle.

My quest for THAT right shade of Pink Lipstick continues…

Yesterday, I received two Makeup Geek lippies, which I ordered online through Kalm Cosmetics. Before anything else, thanks to the online seller for a smooth and fast transaction and delivery! =)

Anyway, I finally got to try one of the them today. Sadly, it’s not the one I’m looking for, but I’m still happy with the results. Ü

The Fearless Lipstick is more of a darker shade of Pink than what I am looking for, but a girl can never have too many lipsticks, right? =P I love how it glided on smoothly and the pigmentation is remarkable. It stays put for a long time unlike the other (more expensive) lipsticks I have. I got a good deal for these items! *two thumbs up!*

The Charming Lipstick has a more Orange-y shade. I will be using it tomorrow, update this post and add actual photos, too.

I’ve never used “natural” shade lipsticks before, but I am soooo lovin’ Charming! The name fits the shade perfectly.  This might just be my everyday lipstick!  And like the Fearless one, the pigmentation was great and it stayed on for a long time.  Weeee!  *happy*

MAKEUP GEEK LIPSTICK: Fearless (left) and Charming (right)



7 thoughts on “Lipstick Jungle.

  1. Have you tried the Revlon Lip Butters? In that line, there are some good, high pigmented, long lasting shades to choose from.

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