Lipstick Hoarding and More.

“Hi, I’m Lesley and I am addicted to online shopping.”

There’s a ton of these online stores these days – from clothes to shoes to phone cases to bags to accessories and now makeup.  I have, at one time or another, bought all these from different online sellers.  I would say I haven’t encountered a “bad” seller yet (hopefully that doesn’t happen!).  But always be careful when doing transactions online.  Most of these sellers don’t offer refunds so if you don’t get what you expected to get… goodbye hard earned money!  Do your research and ask questions before making your order final.  That will eliminate any inconvenience on your part and the seller’s.

Here’s my beauty haul for the month for the entire year!

***NOTE*** You may click the brand/shop names to be linked to their websites/Facebook pages.


I have been obsessing on lipstick for the past month – mainly because I am looking for THAT right shade of Pink!  But that doesn’t mean I won’t try other shades of lipstick, too! I found an online seller through Instagram and the rest is history!  See my review on the first 2 lippiehere.


  • Make up Geek Lipstick:
    • Fearless
    • Charming
    • Delightful
    • Famous (not in photo)


I really looove Makeup Geek Lipsticks.  The texture and pigmentation are just about right and they don’t dry my lips either.  It stays on for a long time (about 6 hours, even after eating and drinking) before re-application is needed.  Also, it’s nice that there’s a glass opening on top of the lid – it’ll be easier to identify the shades without having to open and look.  Sadly though, the Famous lipstick, my favorite among the four I bought, severely melted during transit so I decided not to include it in the photo anymore.

  • Real Techniques:
    • Travel Essentials Brushes
    • Kabuki Brush


I’m a sucker for soft brushes because I have super sensitive skin.  It’s that time of the year when all my pimples decide to come out all at the same time so I have to be careful what I use on my face during this time.  The Real Techniques Travel Essentials Set and Kabuki Brush were the solution to that dilemma.  With its ultra-plush taklon bristles, it made the make up application easier and more flawless.  It is very gentle on the face and it’s also easy to clean!

In detail —

Essential Foundation Brush (Gold): One thing I liked about this brush is that I didn’t have to use a lot of the powder foundation (unlike when I use my Elf Complexion Brush) to achieve the look I want.

Domed Shadow Brush (Purple): I’m not big on eye makeup so I haven’t really tried/used this brush.  I might use this for under eye concealing though! hehe

Multitask Brush (Pink): I have tried using this with powder foundation and blush. I would say, it did its job really well.  I like how I immediately saw the “flawless” finish after application.

* The 2-in-1 case is really convenient, too! Ü

Kabuki Brush: This was perfect to use for blush.  Just like the Foundation Brush, I feel I didn’t need to use a lot of the blush while still providing the coverage I wanted.

About the seller: Kalm Cosmetics is the authorized retailer of Makeup Geek Cosmetics and Real Techniques in the Philippines.  The seller is very kind and accommodating.  Fast transaction + Fast delivery = Happy Me! I appreciate that she got out of her way to report the “melted lipstick” incident to her supplier and got back to me for their feedback.  Other sellers won’t even bother to do so.  She even offered me a store credit!  But store credit or none, I am definitely a satisfied customer.

Condition of the Goods: I actually ordered twice from this seller.  First, the 2 MUG lipsticks and the rest on the second order.  The first delivery went fine.  The lipsticks were bubble wrapped and all intact.  The second had the same packaging, but as mentioned, the lipsticks were somewhat melted.  This was probably because of the warm weather and partly the handling of the items.


Since the Makeup Geek Famous Lippie became really soft and delicate, I decided to just buy a lip brush.  Gliding that lipstick on my lips  = MESSY!  I don’t want it to go to waste, so however I could use it, I will.  After all, it’s my favorite! 😉


  • One Touch Lip Brush


I wanted a lip brush with a “cover” so it won’t smudge everything it came contact with in inside my makeup pouch!  I went to The Body Shop first, but their lip brush didn’t have a cover – plus it costs Php 550!  So my next option was The Face Shop.  And I wasn’t disappointed!  Aside from this lip brush being retractable, it was cheap, too!  It comes in two colors, Silver and Dark Grey.  I got the latter because it looked more sleek and it’s the newer version (for the same price).

VERDICT: I am amazed!  I won’t have to use my fingers to apply my favorite lipstick – haha!  It felt like I am using a lip liner.  The bristles had the right combination of soft and hard for good reasons.

I’m sure I could have found a cheaper, generic lip brush, but I am happy with the results this one gave me.  No regrets!


I’ve never obsessed about lipstick in my entire life until now!  I know I am spending way too much on them!  I found another online seller – this time, I’m trying a different brand.



  • NYX Matte Lipstick:
    • Sweet Pink
    • Shocking Pink
  • NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream:
    • Addis Ababa
    • Antwerp

The Matte Lipsticks were almost the same color, but since I am in search for THAT Pink Lipstick, I just had to buy these two.  I like the Sweet Pink more than the Shocking Pink because the latter seems to be more like what Nicki Minaj would wear in one of her music videos!  It’s too… SHOCKING for me haha.  The pigmentation is significant though.  A little application goes a long way.  Since it has a Matte effect, it doesn’t have that shiny finish.  I love how it doesn’t dry my lips at all (I don’t have dry/chapped lips to begin with, but some lip products can cause dryness).  I also like how there’s a tiny transparent part in the middle to see the shade of the lipstick.

The Lip Creams smelled sooo good I want to eat them! Haha  I was so tempted to buy all shades to be completely honest.  I couldn’t choose just one!  However, I can’t spend that much money when I had already spent more than my yearly makeup budget! =P  Anyway, I was eager to try the lip creams as I’ve never used one ever!  It takes a little practice or getting used to.  You don’t have to apply as much of the product since it’s somewhat liquid.  Again, with its matte finish, seemed like it’s second skin.  The Addis Ababa is almost the same shade as the Matte Lipsticks, but the Antwerp has a more “natural” color.  

Overall, I like everything I bought.  For the quality of the products, it was worth what I paid for.  If you can’t afford branded and expensive ones, NYX is the next best thing! 😉

About the seller: Map Shop offers all sorts of NYX Cosmetics – at low low prices no less.  It was hard to contact the online seller at first (probably because of the numerous inquiries she had to answer), but when I finally got her attention, the transaction went on smoothly.  Plus, she sent me the package’s tracking information, which is rarely done by online sellers.

Condition of the Goods: Honestly, the first thing that I did when I got the package was check if the lipsticks were all intact!  (Spell trauma!)  When I saw that they were all okay [hehe], that’s when I noticed the little things.  The two Matte lipsticks were securely stored in a small box while the two lip creams were bubble wrapped.  Not only that – the plastic package had the word FRAGILE written on it.  And I think that was really important so the courier knows to handle the package with care.


Okay, this is the last one!

I’ve been seeing a lot of these “SG AUTHENTIC” makeup being sold online and the super cheap price is one hell of a good marketing ploy.  Who doesn’t want cheap “branded” makeup?!  I did some research and most of the sites said – “SG Authentic” are fake or imitations, which was what I initially thought anyway.  I can’t even find these on the brand’s website.  I’m still giving it a try though.



  • MAC Lip Smacking Fun Colors:
    • A02
    • A05
    • A07
    • A17
  • MAC Fard A Levres Rouge Pur Pure Lipstick
    • 03
    • 08

First, using numbers as names to identify these lipsticks confused me!  I wish there were alternative names available.

Quality wise – the consistency is more like lip gloss to me than lipstick.  I needed to apply a few layers for it to “look like” I have lipstick on.  One thing I don’t like is that they are glossy/shiny.  That’s also the reason why I opt for the Matte kind.  However, it stays on for a good 3 hours. I like the packaging of the Lip Smacking ones though(first 4 from the left) since you can see the shades right away.  I liked A02, A17 and 03 – these had the better pigmentation compared to the others.

In conclusion,  you really get what you pay for.  I got all six of these for only Php 500.00 so it’s not a big loss.

About the seller: Pretty Angel Shoppe offers a variety of SG Authentic perfumes and cosmetics.  Communicating with the seller was easy.  All my inquiries were answered and she was friendly. 

Condition of the Goods: The lipsticks were placed in small boxes and wrapped in brown paper bag so the lipsticks were really secured.  Luckily, they were all intact and not even a teeny tiny bit melted!

——————————————————————————————————————————————————- DISCLAIMER: Everything featured in this entry were bought and paid for.  My reviews were not influenced by anyone but me!  Everything written here is based on actual personal experience.  Also, I am in no way condoning the buying of fake cosmetic products.  Buy and use at your own risk.  Again, this is merely a review of the ones I bought and tried.

P.S.  Regarding THAT right shade of Pink, I think the closest I got was either the Makeup Geek’s Famous or NYX’s Sweet Pink.  So I’m done searching!  From having 3 lipsticks — I now have 17! 😉


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