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Stationery Haul #1 – Part 2 | Mohamm

Here's the second installment of this stationery haul series!  This video is a little longer than the last, but it will be worth it!  So much stickers this time around compared to the last.  Again, since I can only purchase 20 items at a time, I got multiple packages for this shop. I am sooo… Continue reading Stationery Haul #1 – Part 2 | Mohamm

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Different {Negative} Types of Co-Workers.

The King (or Queen). This co-worker has a higher rank than everyone else, so he feels compelled to act all all superior all the time. Even if he's not good at his job. The Know-It-All. This co-worker may or may not be genuinely good at his work, but he pretends to know everything and is… Continue reading Different {Negative} Types of Co-Workers.