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Gifts for Your Wedding Entourage + Supplier Reviews.

If you've been following my blog, you've probably read this a few times - we have a tight budget for our wedding. While that is the case, I didn't want people, especially our entourage, to feel that they are under appreciated. Giving gifts/money to the entourage, I'd say, is customary for Chinese weddings.  I think… Continue reading Gifts for Your Wedding Entourage + Supplier Reviews.


Wedding Suppliers Part 1

About 6.5 months to go before our wedding.  Don proposed to me on Christmas Eve last year.  We started planning the wedding the start of the month.  We are very far from having everything done. The Budget. Don is shouldering 90% of the cost of the wedding.  I may have to ask my dad for… Continue reading Wedding Suppliers Part 1