Wedding Suppliers Part 1

About 6.5 months to go before our wedding.  Don proposed to me on Christmas Eve last year.  We started planning the wedding the start of the month.  We are very far from having everything done.

The Budget. Don is shouldering 90% of the cost of the wedding.  I may have to ask my dad for pocket money.  I don’t earn a lot and what I earn is only enough to pay the bills.  The budget is really small compared to other weddings.  A lot of DIY-ing has to be done to cut costs!

The Guest List. First thing’s first.  How many are we inviting to the wedding?  We chose to keep it small and intimate.  Even that posed a challenge and caused many fights!  We decided to invite adults/couples only and maybe a few kids if it’s really unavoidable.  Our entourage doesn’t include any kids as well.  We are at 150 guests target for now.  It may increase or decrease depending on how many people RSVP.

The Venue.  We have inquired about wedding venues here in Manila, but the ones we want are quite expensive.  It will take 75% of the budget for the venue alone. My sister suggested Sonya’s Garden.  Aside from it being a destination wedding, the cost is low and we can ask for further discounts. We were excited when we visited the place.  And I was already trying to envision how it would look.  They offer so much in-house, so we only have to look for vendors for a few other things.

Also, thanks to the manager, Gerlie Glorioso, for being very patient with me, and for answering my unending questions.

The Theme.  I love Pinterest!  This is where a lot of our ideas came or evolved from.  I want the wedding to be a relaxed event.  Since people will be travelling to the venue, I want them to be comfortable.  So I went with Boho Theme.  Ladies can wear in cocktail dresses and men are not required to wear suits.  Again, I’m trying to stay away from typical wedding setting.

The Color Inspiration. I chose Lilac and Grey as the theme… Inspiration from Pinterest as usual. 😉 Isn’t this gorgeous? I want it as neutral as possible so it won’t clash with the beautiful colors in the garden.

The Photographer/Videographer. We explored so many options for this. And we decided on Dizon Studios. The same photographer my cousin and a friend used for their weddings and it was pretty good. I just need to give instructions about not posing too magazine-like especially for the pre-nup. I want it casual, spur of the moment and not too rehearsed!


*** I will be updating other wedding info as we confirm vendors. After the wedding, I’ll make a review of all the vendors and include their contact info (if I will recommend them!).

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