Bullet Journal

March 2020 Bullet Journal Setup

Hello lovelies!

This month’s theme is very near and dear to my heart — desserts! ♡♡♡ As with the previous themes, I have a lot of food related stickers and rubber stamps and I want to use them. I will decorate each weekly spread with some of my favorite desserts so stay tuned. 😉

I drew a kitchen scene for the cover page. I took inspiration from a kitchen illustration I saw on Pinterest and then filled in the rest to complete the drawing. Then I stamped in the month name using a bold, polka-dotted clear stamp.
I am keeping this month black and white for the fear of messing up with colors. 😝

I made a collage of different kitchen equipment and utensils using various clear stamps I bought from Aliexpress. I have not used most of these before so I’m a bit excited to use them for this month’s theme. It came out pretty nice I think. 🙂 I used the Everyday Explorers Calendar Days Stamp Set for the days of the week and Dated Stamp Set for the dates on each box.

First week is ice cream coz it’s my favorite dessert! I would eat ice cream everyday if I could! 😜 I followed a tutorial from nicoles.journal for this one.
I won’t be making any boxes the whole month and will journal one day at a time. Check out my instagram page for updates: @serendipityandbliss.
I used the Everyday Explorers Track All Things for the habits.


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