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Stationery Haul #4 | Ayala Malls 30th Stores

My friend and I met up in Ayala Malls 30th in mid-January to catch up and have coffee. I didn't know that my friend also liked stickers! We went to different stores in the mall that sells stationery and here's my haul from Daiso, N. Cat and My Ticker Tape Parade. https://youtu.be/EFbd6MP5e6I

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How I Clean My Beauty Blenders

I used to be an all-brush girl and that worked out just fine regardless if the product I'm using is cream-based, liquid-based or powder-based. When beauty blenders became a thing, of course I wanted to try them! However, I didn't want to buy expensive ones that cost $20-$25 each. So I searched for the next… Continue reading How I Clean My Beauty Blenders