Random Ramblings

Seafood Galore.

I should have posted sooner, but between the typhoon and the simultaneous make up classes, I just wanted to squeeze in all the sleep and rest I could get. We have finished 2 series of lessons and halfway through another, but I'm going to post all of them separately.  This first one is special... Because… Continue reading Seafood Galore.

Random Ramblings

Quack. Baaaa. And Anything in Between.

I know I've been MIA the past week and I miss writing. It's getting busier in school and I am literally drained after a day's work. Here's what we've done the past week. I'm putting it all in one entry to keep you updated! I'm currently multitasking... Taking my lunch and writing this post. We… Continue reading Quack. Baaaa. And Anything in Between.