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DIY Watch Organizer.

My hands have been itching to do some crafts again.  I've been seeing these watch organizers being sold online (and I think I need one) but I didn't want to spend Php 900.00 to Php 1500.00 for JUST A BOX! Coincidentally, I have these leftover shoe boxes that's calling for some DIY projects!  Plus, the… Continue reading DIY Watch Organizer.

Beauty · Crafts & DIY

Makeup Brush Covers.

While putting on my makeup yesterday, I noticed that my all around brush's plastic protective cover (the one that came along with it when it was bought) is ready to retire! Haha [See how icky it looks on the photo?] I didn't throw it out because I didn't want my brush to get dirty and… Continue reading Makeup Brush Covers.