Lipstick Hoarding and More.

"Hi, I'm Lesley and I am addicted to online shopping." There's a ton of these online stores these days - from clothes to shoes to phone cases to bags to accessories and now makeup.  I have, at one time or another, bought all these from different online sellers.  I would say I haven't encountered a… Continue reading Lipstick Hoarding and More.


Shop ‘Til You Drop.

Just roaming around the mall and window shopping is soooo blah!  The SALE banners were torture!  I tried resisting... but the banners got the best of me! ;P  I'm still proud of myself for just buying two pieces of clothing! FOLDED AND HUNG Blue-Grey and Lime Geometric Hi-Low Hem Dress - Php 949.00 I didn't… Continue reading Shop ‘Til You Drop.